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Translated - Calm Ash
The thing is.. If you imagine a calm ash.. what is the first alternative and representation in your mind? I am inviting you as an observer, to deeply think about some stuff what has happened to you or somebody you love in the past. What is it representing to you - Is it a sadness, is it a power, is it a calm forgiveness.. or is it something else? Conclusion is, that every fire leave some kind of ash or remains.. and those remains can be either a sign of something bad, that we want to forget, or something that we obey, because of it, we are aware of what has happened and never let it repeat.. It visually represents my alias RUSH, written there with my SMOKELETTERS style, and in thin lines is a poetry about the light, that cannot exist without a shadow and dark.

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Kategorie: Obrazy
Materiál: plátno
Rozměry: 100 x 120 cm
Technika: mixed media
Stav produktu: 5
Stav celkového opotřebení: nové
Autor: Adam Zimmermann (iamrushdog)
Rok výroby: 2020
Originální balení: ano
Certifikát od výrobce: ano

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